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The ZX-40 Ultra is the result of many years of research and development, making it more modern, powerful and stylish ribbon printer on the market.

The ZX-40 Ultra is the new generation of ribbon printers, and it is exclusive to Creative Printers of London.

With the ZX-40 Ultra, you can print one or several ribbons at once, thereby saving you time and money!

Unlike other ribbon printers, our ZX-40 Ultra can also be operated from just a keyboard as well as a PC. You have the best of both worlds with the ZX-40 Ultra.

There may be instances where you do not have a PC in situ, no problem, just take a long a keyboard and start printing!  The ZX-40 Uktra comes with 5 standard built-in fonts, more can be added.

Furthermore, when connected to your PC, you can choose from 100’s of fonts from your PC and add any logos or designs.

4mb Flash ROM

Faster and more
modern than any
other system on
the market!

The new generation ZX-40 Ultra also incorporates four function keys, four status LED lights and one error LED light.

These functions make it easy for you to use your ribbon printer and identify and issues. The ZX-40 Ultra is now heads and shoulders above the competition.

The ZX-40 Ultra features a unique graphics multilingual LCD screen for various commands.

It even has a built-in clock!

The ZX-40 Ultra’s external attachment easily accept several ribbons of varying sizes.

When combined with our
mutli-print attachments,  you
will be able to print several ribbons at once, thereby savings you time and money!

There may be instances when the roll of ribbon is too large to fit inside the ZX-40 Ultra, or your wish to print sashes, then our FREE external holder will prove to be invaluable!

We are giving away this external ribbon holder free of charge when you purchase our ZX-40 Ultra! This not only makes our ZX-40 Ultra more modern but also more versatile and even better value for money!

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The ZX-40 Ultra has full communication ports for easy connection with your PC.

The ZX-40 Ultra now also a SD Card Slot. Using your own standard SD Card, you can now save your work and print in any location.


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ZX-40 Ultra is packed with modern features which are
NOT found on other systems.

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Great for larger ribbons which would
not otherwise fit inside a small machine!

Now with FREE
external ribbon
 feeder attachment
 worth $76.50!

Print in any language!